Impacts of hookworms on dogs

The hookworms are nothing but the parasites which are capable of causing fatal impacts on dog. Especially the impacts are considered to be very severe in puppies that they will finally end up in death. These parasites tend to affect the intestinal region of the dog and also lead to several other medical issues. It is to be noted that if a dog tend to show any of the symptoms of hookworms, the pets must be immediately taken to the veterinary doctor in order to reduce the impacts and to find a better solution in the early stage.

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What are the causes?

These infections are caused because of the parasites like roundworms. There are two different types of hookworms which causes infections in dog. Basically this infection affects the puppies through the milk that is obtained from its mother. Apart from this, the dogs are affected because of this infection through the eggs of hookworms which are present in the contaminated soil. The dogs which are living in the contaminated environment or the dogs which are provided with the contaminated water will often get exposed to this disease. Hence the masters must always try their best to provide the best and neat environment for their pets.

What are the symptoms?

As the small intestine region will be highly affected because of this infection, the dogs will exhibit loss of appetite. The amount of food they intake will get limited to a greater extent. The other common symptoms which are found among the infected dog are anemia. The dog which was active all the day will suddenly turn inactive. One can also see the changes in the skin color. For example, their skin will turn pale and there will also be some changes in their nose and nostrils. The other common symptom which exhibits the presence of hookworm infection is diarrhea. And this in turn also leads to dehydration.


It is to be noted that the hookworm infection is highly contagious that it can easily spread from the mother to their puppies. Hence the dogs which are pregnant must be checked frequently in order to ensure whether they are free from this infection. In case, if any symptoms of this infection are pointed out, the treatment must be provided immediately without any constraint. Before starting the treatment, the experts will diagnose the sample to know about the infection. They will provide the treatment depending upon the depth of infection. The most important thing to be noted is the impacts of this infection can be greatly reduced if the treatment is started in early stage. Hence the masters if they point out hookworms in dogs must immediately hire the help of the veterinarian nearby.

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